About Havilla.

Havilla is an education institution in kibera ,Nairobi Kenya. It provides kindergarten and primary education to the children with  age bracket between 3 years to 13 years. Our school is located in Kibera Slums - Nairobi, Kenya East Africa.

At Havilla children will have breakfast and lunch,high quality educational materials and skilled teachers.

Our dream is no different to the dreams of anyone who has seen the lives that children in the slums of Kibera and around Nairobi have no choice but to live. 

It’s a dream for a better life for the most vulnerable in our global community.In Africa to go to school is hard but we make it happen due to hard working parents and guardians.Education in Africa is not like western countries.

For children to achieve their dream they need to have basic medical assistance, wholesome food, and education. 

Without these simple things that we take for granted for our own children, then the kids  will be stuck in the same cycle of poverty all their lives. As will their children, and their children’s children.

Havilla provides a warm learning environment for these children. But it does more than just educate and teach the children to read and write. 

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